Our Story

Our Story

Inspired by nature and all it's scents, we create handcrafted small batch incense. Sascha is a company infused with thoughtful, traditional craft and low environmental impact. Every decision is carefully selected to respect the environment, the people who supply our materials and the customers who place our goods in their homes.

Our incense packaging is 97% post consumer content, recyclable, biodegradable and made in the USA. We source all our resins, woods, herbs and essential oils from reputable, fair-trade suppliers and never dip our incense. 

Sascha is owned and operated by Claire Lopacki out of her Los Angeles studio.

Sascha: Defender and Helper of Mankind

Saving Our Horses

It's an important company ethos to give back to causes that are important to us. American horses are in desperate need for rescue services nationwide. We are deeply emotionally invested in this cause and are allocating our profits to reach those doing their part to save these beautiful animals without the help of government assistance. 10% of each product purchased will go to recognized 501(c)3 equine rescues in the United States.