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Palo Santo, Musk, Hibiscus and Sandalwood Incense Cones

Palo Santo, Musk, Hibiscus and Sandalwood Incense Cones
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A delicate, purifying blend of palo santo, musk seed, hibiscus flower and sandalwood with a touch of warm, vanilla-like balsam of tolu resin. Makko, a natural combustible material from the bark of the tabu-no-ki tree, is used in the blend to burn the incense slowly and cleanly. 

10 hand rolled cones included in each box. 
Each cone is made by hand so will have slight variation. We do not hand dip any of our incense. No trees are destroyed in the collection of the wood and no living trees are used in sourcing our ingredients.

Safe for homes with children and pets, but please keep curious hands, paws and noses away from burning incense.

Burn Time: 15 - 20 minutes each

Ingredients: Palo Santo, Musk Seed, Hibiscus Flower, Sandalwood, Balsam of Tolu, Makko